A Trio of Trees Atlanta Projects That Boost The BeltLine

If you’ve ever walked on the BeltLIne, you’ve probably noticed the tremendous amount of green space incorporated into every mile of the path. What you may not know is that the BeltLine - in its entirety - is a world-class arboretum created in partnership with the non-profit Trees Atlanta. An arboretum is an outdoor park specifically featuring trees. Trees Atlanta is committed to not only maintaining the BeltLine’s tree biodiversity but to improve it through various initiatives throughout the … [Read more...]

A Circle of Forest in the City in a Forest

Typically when you think urban, you think of concrete, asphalt, iron, glass, stone -- lots of hardscape and not-so-many trees. Rarely do you think of any metropolitan space as a green oasis, but Atlanta has long held a unique position in large metropolitan areas as the “City in a Forest” due to it’s abundance of trees. National Geographic recently gushed: For a sprawling city with the nation’s ninth-largest metro area, Atlanta is surprisingly lush with trees—magnolias, dogwoods, Southern … [Read more...]

What’s Up With the Weeds on the Eastside Trail?

After volunteers planted over 109,000 native grass plugs earlier this year, it may appear that the weeds are winning the war along the Eastside Trail corridor. But careful attention to the signage Trees Atlanta has staggered along the way tells a different story. Apparently this is all part of the process of replacing a "damaged urban ecosystem" with low-maintenance (no mowing!) prairies and meadows that will leap to life in 2015. Doctor Seuss couldn't have said, or illustrated it, … [Read more...]