The Final Link of the Atlanta to Anniston Trail

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The beauty of the Atlanta BeltLine is that it is more than just a loop unto itself – it has become a key hub in a growing number of connecting spoke trails. Efforts are underway to connect the Silver Comet Trail to the BeltLine, extending what is already the longest paved trail in America to the core of Atlanta.

At the moment, a little over 6 miles of new trail is needed to connect the BeltLine to the Silver Comet. Once complete, users will be able to travel from downtown Atlanta all the way to Alabama. Once in Alabama, the trail continues to Anniston on the Chief Ladiga Trail.

Why Connect the Comet to the BeltLine?

The Silver Comet Trail provides tens of millions in revenue to nearby communities, supports hundreds of jobs, increases cycling commute options, and increases the value of nearby real estate by upwards of 10%.

Bringing the Comet to the BeltLine benefits both projects. A proven trail like the Comet will bring more people to the BeltLine, and vice versa. The connection allows the BeltLine to grow out of its city-focused identity and into a regional leisure and economic hub.

Connecting the Comet: What’s Happening Now?

The PATH Foundation, a local non-profit that was a leader in establishing the Silver Comet Trail starting over 20 years ago has raised money and is currently overseeing the construction of the first section of trail from the Comet trailhead in Smyrna to Plant Atkinson Road in Cobb County.

Cobb County is responsible for the second portion of that trail, which would allow the Comet to reach the Chattahoochee from Plant Atkinson. Cobb has yet to allocate funds to this project, which would see the Silver Comet reach Fulton County and connect to the existing Whetstone Creek Trail and, eventually, to the BeltLine. 

If PATH and other supporters of the project can persuade Cobb commissioners to fund the project, only a 2-mile portion of the trail between Whetstone Creek and the BeltLine extension at Westside Park will separate it from the Silver Comet.

What’s Next for the Silver Comet and the BeltLine?

Getting funding and approval for the Comet Connection Trail from Plant Atkinson Road to the Chattahoochee River is the next milestone for Connect the Comet, the local organization that, for over a decade, has been pushing to extend the Silver Comet into the City of Atlanta – and the BeltLine.

Much of the infrastructure is already in place, as the old rail bed crosses over Atlanta Rd. and the Chattahoochee, negating the need for costly construction. The momentum of PATH’s first section of the Comet Connector will hopefully be a catalyst for Cobb County to complete its portion. 

This drone footage gives a preview of the trail-ready corridor of this newest section. It’s a link that gets us one step closer to the day folks can cycle over 100 miles from downtown Atlanta to Anniston, AL on an unbroken rail trail.

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