About Maran Banta

Maran Banta lives in and passionately loves Atlanta. You can usually find her volunteering most Sundays at Café 458. You can also find her on Facebook here.

Edgewood Ave’s Cafe 458: eat eggs, do good

I just went to Yelp and looked for Sunday Brunch Atlanta. The #2 result with 4.5 stars was Cafe 458. Made me smile with delight, cause I Love Cafe 458. I mean where else can you go for brunch and be doing a good deed simply by eating eggs? Cafe 458 opened in June 1988 by the Community of Hospitality headed up by Rev AB Short. A few people who were dedicated to helping the homeless. Someone wondered if there wasn’t a better way to feed the homeless, something with more dignity than a … [Read more...]