About Emily Taff

Emily Cavett Taff works in historic preservation but is keenly interested not just in the fabric of our urban environment but in how we get around it. She lives in Reynoldstown and commutes by MARTA, bike and car to her job in Midtown. She has done her share of exploring and researching the beltline since 2009 and is very proud of Atlanta for realizing such an amazing dream.

Ponce City Market Inches Toward Big Reveal

By now, the re-purposing of the "Old Sears Building"/"City Hall East" as Ponce City Market is practically synonymous with the BeltLine itself. Sitting about halfway along the East Side Trail at Ponce de Leon Ave., the largest building redevelopment in the city promises to be something of a dream come true: retail and restaurants, a food market, office space, residential units and plenty of room to park your bike. So when do we get to see it?? As with most development opening dates, Ponce City … [Read more...]

5th Annual Lantern Parade

A menagerie of lanterns at the 2013 Lantern Parade, photo by Naoya Wada The Lantern Parade is an annual event that celebrates the opening of Art of the Beltline exhibit. This colorful display began in 2010, the brainchild of former New Orleanian Chantelle Rytter, whose mission to bring out creativity and playfulness in all of us has exploded along with the beloved BeltLine it follows. In 2013, it's 4th year, an estimated mass of 10,000 people came out over the course of the evening to witness … [Read more...]

Eastside Trail Expanding Southward

Much to the relief of those of us south of Irwin St, the Edgewood Ave. bridge is still on track to reopen by the end of April. Once again residents of Inman Park, Cabbagetown and Reynoldstown will be connected to the rest of Atlanta west and north of us without having to do some crazy zig zag route via streets like Airline and Ezzard. Best of all, it’ll be simple again to bike to Miso Izakaya, Lotta Frutta, Church or any of the numerous restaurants and bars along Edgewood once we can ride over … [Read more...]