About Elizabeth Atkins

Elizabeth “Elle” Atkins is the owner and head brand strategist and brand identity designer behind PostFilm (http://postfilmdesign.com/) She's created a home for herself in Atlanta and has fallen in love with helping local businesses create better, more poignant brands. She designs new brand identities and assists businesses cultivate their existing brands. You may now be able to catch her on the Beltline.

Re-Learning To Ride A Bike On The BeltLine

We're all jumping some sort of hurdle in our lives. Juggling jobs, families, running a business, maintaining relationships, creating new ones; we're all working around some sort of challenge. Those challenges can be present in our every day normal activities, or they can be more like the one I'm writing about today: in the back of your mind, and slowly nagging you to death. A few years after 1999 I was tooling around my college campus on my bike, zipping through throngs of students to get to … [Read more...]