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It was a lovely overcast Saturday in Atlanta, punctuating what I would say was the nicest week we’ve had this summer. When it’s 75 outside, it makes it really easy to leave the house on a whim, so I moseyed on over Chrome Yellow Trading Co. for my morning cup. If you couldn’t tell by now, I really enjoy getting to places right when they open because it’s not terribly crowded and I can feel a lot more present in my day. So the parking lot was bereft of cars, as was the coffee shop. Just me, two runners taking a breather, and the barista.

Their permanent structure opened a year ago and it has that juxtaposed clean industrial aesthetic of many new establishments in Atlanta. Windows face out to Edgewood Avenue from the front, letting natural light reflect off the white brick walls, making the space feel open. While it could accommodate a large amount of people, the seating feels more intimate, with bar stools lining the front windows and tables for four and two heading towards the back. At the hour I was there, I would say it is an excellent environment to get some work done, if one needs to isolate themselves from their house like I do.

Chrome Yellow is one of the few coffee shops in Atlanta to serve Portland’s celebrated Stumptown Coffee. It had been a couple of years since I had Stumptown Coffee, where I waited in line for an eternity in New York and almost forgot my order, so my interest was piqued. Their menu has something for everybody from espresso-based drinks to botanically brewed sodas. I decided to forgo asking for favorites because I knew exactly what I wanted: cold brew coffee on draft. I’m a sucker for a gimmick and ordering cold brew coffee from a spigot has more panache than having it lazily poured out of a pitcher.

Cold brew coffee is the answer to all your summer siesta woes! Water is poured over ground coffee, sits for about 8-12 hours, and is then strained, rendering a cup of coffee with all the rich, nuanced flavors still in tact without the bitterness and the acidity. I especially love drinking it in the afternoons because I am less likely to develop heartburn an hour after consumption. In addition to its lower acidity, cold brew coffee also has a much lower caffeine content than your average hot cup of joe, so ideally you can drink it in the afternoon and not have to lie in regret when you try to go to sleep that night.

Stumptown cold brew coffee hits with a sweet tang of honey mixed with hints of cocoa. While it is up to you to put whatever you want in your coffee, I highly recommend you drink it black because it tastes delicious the way it is. It is the perfect low calorie beverage for summer!

Admittedly, Chrome Yellow’s storefront is very minimalist in appearance, making it incredibly unassuming and it could easily be overlooked. Their parking lot is relatively limited with some additional room available on the intersecting street, catering more towards pedestrians and cyclists. If you find yourself on Edgewood in need of a pick-me-up in this torturous heat, pay them a visit!


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