New Townhomes Coming to Westview

Up to 35 new townhomes proposed for the area within the yellow border

The Westside of the Beltline made some news this past week when developers requested a zoning change at the site of the former Cornerstone Holiness Church site on Langhorn.

Only one block from the West end of the Beltline, this potential new development could pave the way for further zoning changes in the area, dramatically changing the streetscape to a density that would bring a jolt of energy to the Historic Westside neighborhood.

Why It Matters

The site of the former Holiness church was zoned for, at most, a duplex. Much of the zoning around this part of the Atlanta BeltLine is for low-density housing. Now the developer is looking to make upwards of 35 three-story townhomes. 

In a neighborhood that features KIPP primary school, grocery stores, and several parks close by, this area would become immediately attractive to a host of potential buyers looking to get close to the Beltline at a price that might be more accessible than other Beltline neighborhoods.

Development in Westview Neighborhood

The Westview neighborhood has yet to see significant multi-unit development due to the low-density zoning that surrounds the area. Changing the zoning also requires an amendment to the City of Atlanta’s Comprehensive Development Plan, which had designated the church site as low-density residential.

With the zoning change and requirement to amend the City’s official plan, new construction in the area has been limited. Derrick Harris, the developer spearheading the project, is using the Beltline Overlay District’s policies as justification for seeking the zoning and amendment change. 

According to Harris, the new development will alter the streetscape to create a more urban aesthetic that will create a more walkable and community-orientated space that will link seamlessly with the Beltline. Not to mention the possibilities of having 35 to 40 new residences close to local stores and other businesses

The beginning of August 2021 will see the Zoning Review Board consider the developer’s application for a zoning change. If successful, the Westview neighborhood and BeltLine could be seeing another new transformative development.

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