Pourovers with a Punch at Condesa Coffee


My sister and I have been meeting for weekly constitutionals on the BeltLine lately and we stopped at Condesa Coffee on our most recent excursion. Since she lives in the suburbs and is hoping to attend Tech in the next couple of years, she is keen to find study-worthy coffee shops for when she finally takes the big step towards an engineering degree. We started on the Eastside trail and made our way via the Freedom Parkway trail to Condesa. It took a little longer than expected since we got a bit lost, but after much sisterly banter (resulting in idle threats of being left on the side of the road), we were finally able to seek refuge.

Condesa Coffee sits right at the corner of Boulevard and Freedom Parkway, and has an absolutely gorgeous view of the Atlanta skyline that makes me feel such pride for this city every time I see it. Its exterior is mostly windowed, making it feel very open and perfect for people watching (or traffic watching, depending on what time you go). Their music fits the springtime vibe, alternating between contemporary folk-pop and old Motown hits that everybody knows the words to regardless of even knowing who sang it. I felt right at home.

Being as hot as it was that afternoon, we both got iced drinks. My sister chose their Rishi masala chai latte and I went with the barista’s suggestion of their plain ol’ iced coffee. I was happy that they had some simple syrup that I could use because solid sweeteners take forever to melt in iced coffee and by the time you get to the bottom of the drink, you sip on coffee-flavored sugar while your pupils dilate to sizes previously unknown. My iced coffee was excellent and my sister’s iced chai was as well, despite being a little sweeter than I’d like it but with just the right amount of spices.

I have since returned for a solo visit and got a pourover, as recommended by a different barista. She shortly returned with a small cup and personal sized decanter of Counter Culture Coffee’s Eladio Chamba, an Ecuadorian coffee with hints of cane sugar and rose. I drank it black and it was naturally slightly sweet with just a smidge of bitterness but practically no bite at all. I would recommend getting a pourover to split with a friend (or sibling!) because while I love having all the consumables to myself, the coffee can get cold if you’re doing something else while drinking a small pot. A pour over is only $4.00 at the most, so it is a great inexpensive sharing option. I drank the whole thing and felt like I could conquer the world!

Aside from homemade syrups for specialty drinks and sustainably-sourced coffee selections, Condesa also offers a small menu of appealing lunch and dinner options along with a collection of cocktails. I look forward to my next visit where I will get to engage in one of my favorite activities: enjoying libations while traffic dies down!

Parking is limited to John Wesley Dobbs, Cain Street, and under the Tribute Lofts where it’s free for two hours if you are lucky enough to find a spot in the deck! I highly recommend walking since there are so many ways to go on foot. They also have a second location less than a mile away off Auburn Avenue by Five Points, a convenient choice for Georgia State students!

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