Soket Offers Free Social Marketing Workshop


Everyone has heard that this “online social stuff” is supposed to be great for local businesses, but between dealing with customer service issues, managing staff, and working with vendors… when are you supposed to have the time to do it? Even if you can find the time, what should you be doing?

Soket is a technology company based in Old Fourth Ward that not only provides a solution for simplifying local, social marketing, but has begun offering a social marketing workshop to demystify and make sense of it all… regardless of the tools you use. Whole Foods, Café Intermezzo, The Music Room, and Sweet Auburn Curb Market are just a few of the businesses that have participated in this free, 1-hr session and we’re planning our next one now.

In the workshop, we remove the mysticism from social marketing and:

  • Take a deep breathe and a step back
  • Cut through the fluff and discuss what social marketing is actually good for
  • Provide a plan for managing your efforts and avoiding Random Acts of Marketing
  • Go over real world examples of social driving customers in the door
  • Discuss specific challenges attendees are having and ideas for solving them

This is NOT an academic workshop, it’s a practical one designed specifically for the needs of local businesses.

Anyone interested can contact Marcel Crudele, the Founder of Soket, at

Soket workshop

About Marcel Crudele

Marcel has more than 14 years experience building, implementing and managing enterprise-level solutions in a diverse collection of industries. As President and Founder of Soket - a SaaS-based, social marketing command center that provides a single place for local businesses to orchestrate their web presences - he oversees operations, business development and product management.

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