Some Very Cool Cats Live Along the BeltLine

BeltLine Kitty Piper 1

Exhibit A is Piper.

Piper lives close to Ponce City Market just a few feet from the BeltLine Eastside Trail. She lives in a drain pipe, thus the name.

Piper sometimes runs across my path as I bicycle on the BeltLine. But I’m not scared, even though she is the proverbial black cat.

She’s not that kind of cat.

Piper closer 2

In fact, Piper is such a cool cat that her neighbors set up a mailbox by her drain pipe where people leave her notes.

Piper mailbox and home 3

Dear Piper, the BeltLine Kitty, you haz mail.


Note to Piper 4

I help cool cats of the two-legged variety to find their own places along the BeltLine.

Not in drain pipes, though.

Amber Raley 5

Exhibit B is Amber Raley.

Amber is somewhat of a¬†bicycle celebrity¬†as she gets a lot of places on two wheels. Let me tell you, Amber is not just the color of her swag, it’s the color of her energy (Whoa, that’s a song!). She’s a passionate advocate of alternative transportation. She’s fierce and fearless, too. She got knocked off her bike by a hit-and-run driver recently and lived to tell the tale. Suffering a few scrapes and bruises, she wasn’t to be deterred from her favorite form of transportation and keeps rolling.

She’s my kind of client!

I had the privilege of working with Amber on her recent home purchase. She contacted me and said she wanted a place in a bicycle-friendly community that was close to the BeltLine and MARTA. She got an awesome deal on a 4 bedroom, 3 bath bungalow in the very cool Adair Park which is adjacent to the south west section of the BeltLine.

Amber house 6

Are you ready to find your own place along the BeltLine? I would love to work with you.

And Amber and Piper are always open to some new cool cats for neighbors.

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Burke Sisco is a Realtor and Associate Broker of eXp Realty (License #245380) with over 20 years of experience in the Atlanta real estate market. He calls the surging infra-culture around the BeltLine both home and business territory and is the founder and managing editor of He has helped a number of satisfied clients buy and sell property in BeltLandia. Those interested in living the BeltLandia Lifestyle can reach Burke at 404.421.9968 or by email at

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