Specialty Clothing Shop Offers Commuter Cycling Swag


The Spindle rose from a passion for cycling from brothers Sharif and Ezz-Eldin Hassan.  In late 2012, after many rides and blown out jeans, they feverishly sought out cycling gear made for the everyday rider.  They really had to dig, though. In a world filled with kits, clunky shoes, and spandex, finding companies that specialize in the commuter side of the biking world was going to take some effort.  Sure, companies like Chrome had already made a name for themselves by offering messenger style bags and equipment, but they wanted to find and test more clothing to outfit the commuter cyclist with durable, great looking apparel.  So instead of heading to work, a bar, or a date with your bike and a sackful of extra clothes in tow, you could reach your destination, lock up, and walk right in and no one would even guess you rode your bike!

The hunt for this gear proved fruitful as the more companies they discovered, the more these companies were excited about the prospects of having a commuter cycling hub in Atlanta.  Companies like Mission Workshop, Swrve, and DZR shoes were eager to work with them and send products to test.  After two months of product testing and publishing blogs in secret, they released ThespindleATL.com to the masses.


They worked at integrating themselves into events, group rides, and alleycat races to bring awareness to their unique offerings to the Atlanta cycling community. With reviews and articles being published every month, they gained the traction and excitement from fellow riders to justify opening a brick and mortar shop. When a spot opened up on the Freedom Parkway Path, they jumped on it and in early November The Spindle opened.

The Brothers Hassan pride themselves in the fact that over 80% of the products they carry are made in the U.S.A. Because they feel it’s important to support our country’s economy, and that coincides with carrying a well-made product, you’ll find most of the gear carried at The Spindle is warrantied. They know that cyclists put their swag through the ringer and, if they spend their hard-earned money, they want a good, solid product to ride in.

Sharif and Ezz-Eldin aren’t just about style over substance, either.  They work with the Atlanta Bicycle Coalition, and join in on their monthly Mobile Social ride so they can educate on-the-cusp cyclists on the importance of growing the cycling infrastructure here in Atlanta not only for the environmental impact, but for their own health as well!


About Ezz-Eldin Hassan

Ezz-Eldin is Bro-Owner of the Spindle, known to his friends as Crossbow. He lives in Kirkwood and is an avid cyclist. He loves group rides through the city with The Mobile Social and Critical Mass and, when not on his bike, loves to cook and hang with his lovely wife Erin.


  1. Hassan Shoukry says

    Well done guys! Next time I visit Atlanta will definitely come by.

  2. Actually, a store like this in the area is much needed. Many department stores do not carry bike friendly clothes and with the “bike to work” movement going on you will find more and more people looking for alternative bike friendly clothes. I will definitely stop in next time I am in the area…thanks Beltline.net for featuring these guys!

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