Tacos From the Future!


Just down Edgewood Avenue from the Beltline lies a small bar named Joystick Gamebar (427 Edgewood Ave.). They specialize in retro arcade games, great drinks, and science-defying feats of time travel. Joystick used the latter to bring Bad Dog tacos and burritos to the area.

In early 2015, Bad Dog Taqueria (currently in the Emory Village) will be opening their second location at the corner of Edgewood Avenue and Boulevard. But now there is no need for the Old Fourth Ward to wait until then to dig into their fare! Bad Dog Taqueria has begun serving up their deliciousness out of Joystick’s kitchen.

Community is one of the most important things to Joystick. Brandon Ley, one of the co-owners of Joystick Gamebar says, “One of the things we love about being on Edgewood is how welcoming everyone was of us. We wanted to continue that with Bad Dog. We tried to bake them a basket full of muffins but the basket caught fire in the oven. So it just seemed easier to offer them our kitchen.”

While Bad Dog’s permanent location is under construction, you can preview their offerings through the end of this year. After Bad Dog moves into their new location in 2015 Joystick will begin the next in their Kitchen Incubation series. The Kitchen Incubation offers an upcoming local chef who isn’t able to open their own location yet a place to peddle their edibles.

Bad Dog’s menu will feature some favorites from their original Emory location, but will also include new items. Highlights include:

  • Bollywood Taco — vegan curried potato, pea stew, tamarind reduction, fresh cilantro
  • Tastes Like Chicken Taco – plantain-encrusted Bell and Evans’s chicken breast, creamy cilantro, lettuce, tomato, pickled jalapeno
  • MacDaddy Burrito — Mac-n-Cheese (Tortiglioni pasta, organic Monterey Jack, Gruyere, and white cheddar) with Panting Dog Hot Sauce and ground beef
  • Jack-Me-Off Burger — grass fed brisket and chuck, Monterey Jack, lettuce, tomato, red onion with Jack and Coke mayo

Joystick is open MondayFriday from 5:00pm to 2:30am, Saturday from noon to 2:30am, and Sunday noon to midnight. Food is available until midnight every night.

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Ray Pong has spent the last ten years traveling the world. A graduate of the Complutense Universidad de Madrid, former male model, and certified organic food masseur. He has also been a guest on Stan Thompson's "Sketchy Travel" podcast, Good Morning Cordele, and Fox News.

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