Shopping on the BeltLine

By now, most folks would agree that shopping small and local is the preferable thing to do. Our goal here at is to help your bucks stay in the loop, locally. This section will promote the best products, services, deals, discounts -- and the businesses that deliver them -- to be found along the BeltLine.

Ponce City Market and Krog Street Market, both scheduled to open for business on the Eastside Trail in 2014, will dramatically expand the roster of what is already a robust offering of businesses, restaurants and shops.

The Atlanta BeltLine Partnership has introduced the Atlanta BeltLine Discount Card which will reward Loopers (what will we call denizens of the BeltLine, anyway?), beginning at the end of December, 2013. And we plan to offer those who spend their money on the Line exclusive specials, discounts and promotions, so be sure to sign up for Free Updates.

Specialty Clothing Shop Offers Commuter Cycling Swag

The Spindle rose from a passion for cycling from brothers Sharif and Ezz-Eldin Hassan.  In late 2012, after many rides and blown out jeans, they feverishly sought out cycling gear made for the everyday rider.  They really had to dig, though. In a world filled with kits, clunky shoes, and spandex, finding companies that specialize in the commuter side of the biking world was going to take some effort.  Sure, companies like Chrome had already made a name for themselves by offering messenger style … [Read more...]