The Perks of Being an Early Bird at Inman Perk Coffee


July weather is in full force and it is not kidding around. Admittedly, my walks on the BeltLine have been few and far between as I mostly stay home, hugging my window unit and whispering sweet nothings into its vents. Hydration is of paramount importance, but water gets old and coffee sounds much better! So this morning I left the house early to go to Inman Perk Coffee right when it opened to beat the heat.

Inman Perk is located off North Highland Avenue in the heart of Inman Park, just off the Eastside Trail. Cozy yet incredibly spacious, it can accommodate many study groups, job interviews, birthday gatherings, and probably a chess tournament. Their coffee menu offers traditional espresso drinks and frappes as well as an affordable breakfast menu that’s available all day.

The barista recommended their iced coffee to me and I took him up on the offer. It was definitely tasty with no frills about it with a rich body and sweet aftertaste. Their prep station offered stevia, raw sugar, and even a sugar-free Monin simple syrup. I sat down to wait for the egg and cheese muffin I had also ordered. A few minutes later, I was given a breakfast sandwich that rivaled other establishments’ grab-and-go options. The ratio of scrambled egg white to English muffin was considerably larger than I’ve ever had and the small square of cheddar on top was the perfect amount of cheese for the sandwich. With all that protein, this breakfast sandwich was actually satisfying and did not leave me still feeling peckish!

In addition to their breakfast menu, they offer ice cream from Jake’s, another local establishment, as well as a full bar. Since I can’t really justify ice cream for breakfast and society frowns upon libation consumption in the early mornings, I definitely need to make a second visit. It was a quiet start to my day as I had the place to myself, but should you bring company with you on your visit, they have board games on the shelf for patrons. I suggest you take advantage of it and chill out in their A/C with an iced coffee or ice cream and a nice long game to beat the afternoon’s belligerent sun.

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