There’s gold in them thar hoods!

Pouch o goldI just took a peek at the latest statistics for a few neighborhoods around the BeltLine Westside Trail — namely Adair Park, West End, West View, and Capitol View. The median days on the market for homes sold in the past six months was just 13 and average sales prices were over 100% of asking price.

The land rush to the West is clearly on!

And it’s going to get more intense as the completion of the BeltLine Westside Trail approaches. But at this stage I still talk to people in the market to buy that perceive that area of the city as mysterious, uncharted territory.

To be sure, the southwest part of the city has not enjoyed the prosperity and resurgence of mirror neighborhoods to the east and north, so I get it. But if we’ve learned anything from the Eastside, it’s how explosive the BeltLine can be as a catalyst for development and real estate appreciation.

And, as soon as fall of 2017, a swath of BeltLandia will have a 3 mile, 43 million dollar river of investment running through it. It will be a mirror of sorts, of the Eastside Trail.

PW Map 21 in_5.21.2013So, to encourage my readers, followers, and future clients to do some prospecting out west I’m hiding bags of gold. OK, they’re actually bags filled with 20 gold dollar coins, but I gotta work my theme, right? Plus they’re a better solution for dropping money about than the $20 bills I’ve done in the past.

I plan to do a few drops on the Westside in the coming weeks. I’ll be providing clues to their whereabouts by email, twitter, and facebook.

In your search, I promise you’re going to make pleasant and surprising discoveries about the housing and some of the amenities planned for BeltLandia West.

If you find a bag o’gold can you do me a solid and email, tweet, or message me with a pic of you with your #BeltLandiaGold?

Now go West and get some gold!

Ready to stake your claim? Start the search here:

About Burke Sisco

Burke Sisco is a Realtor and Associate Broker of eXp Realty (License #245380) with over 20 years of experience in the Atlanta real estate market. He calls the surging infra-culture around the BeltLine both home and business territory and is the founder and managing editor of He has helped a number of satisfied clients buy and sell property in BeltLandia. Those interested in living the BeltLandia Lifestyle can reach Burke at 404.421.9968 or by email at


  1. Although the phrase “There’s gold in them thar hills” is associated with the California Gold Rush of the 1800’s it actually originated here in Georgia.

    In early 1849 the director of the Mint at Dahlonega, Dr. M. F. Stephenson, spoke from the steps of the mint building in a futile attempt to convince the miners to remain in Georgia to mine rather than to flock to California to chase what might be an impossible dream. “There’s gold in them thar hills, boys,” he shouted as he pointed at the hills surrounding Dahlonega.

    Dahlonega means “River of Gold” in the Native American tongue of that region.


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