Water Tower Stacks Coming 2015

The-Water-Tower-Stacks_Corner-Render-v2_G-G-Architects_5.23.14.1The concrete tower across from Studioplex, the Old Fourth Ward’s most iconic landmark, has often perplexed visitors to the neighborhood, wondering as to it’s history and purpose.  More than 100 years ago Atlantic Compress Company had it built as a gigantic fire hydrant for the adjacent cotton compress factory. It was designed such that gravity could unleash 100,000 gallons of water from a tank at the top of the tower should the factory ever catch afire, which it did in 1916. Although the factory is long gone, the tower will soon have some new residential buildings to come along side it.


Epic Development is planning to build ten luxury townhomes in a “historic modern” architectural style on the western edge of the tower and it’s triangular park. These dwellings will be somewhat towering themselves at four stories, including a “unique rooftop finished room” opening to a terrace with views of downtown Atlanta. Owners can opt for a private elevator if stair-climbing is not their thing.

Even without the elevator, there will still be plenty of exercise to be had should owners choose to walk to many of the nearby amenities in one of Atlanta’s most walkable neighborhoods. Several first class restaurants are within the pedestrian shed (5 minute walk or less), including Serpas, Rathbun’s, Rathbun’s Steak, Ammazza, Miso, Lotta Fruitta, Thumbs Up Diner, and Krog Street Market’s Craft Izakaya with more coming in the fall.

The BeltLine Eastside Trail is just steps away, a yellow brick road you can follow to destinations like Ponce City Market, Piedmont Park, and Historic Fourth Ward Park which collectively represent the local version of Emerald City with their green offerings in both space and infrastructure.

For further new urban awesome sauce in the form of alternative transportation options consider the Atlanta Streetcar which runs four blocks to the West. When it connects to the BeltLine corridor it will most likely do so via Irwin Street which bounds the property on the north.

Now, the development could really live up to it’s name if they were to repurpose the water tower into a stack of circular studio apartments.


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Burke Sisco is a Realtor and Associate Broker of eXp Realty with over 20 years of experience in the Atlanta real estate market. He calls the surging infra-culture around the BeltLine both home and business territory and is the founder and managing editor of BeltLandia.com. He has helped a number of satisfied clients buy and sell property in BeltLandia. Those interested in living the BeltLandia Lifestyle can reach Burke at 404.421.9968 or by email at burke.sisco@exprealty.com.


  1. Hi Burke,
    This looks super! Why don’t they repurpose the water tower to collect rain water to use for flushing toilets and other non-potable needs? It is designed to hold water, all that’s needed is piping to direct water into it and out of it to filters and through the building. Also, would love to hep plan low impact stormwater management for the project!
    Kind regards,

    • I agree, Diane. You know I’d like to see the tower used for collecting rainwater. The roof of the tower doesn’t present much collection surface area, though.

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