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ABBS interiorLocation, location, location – we’ve all heard that joke and Atlanta Beltline Bicycle Shop (ABBS) is LOL.

Every day the Eastside Trail of the Beltline is heavily used by active urbanites. Some of these urban travelers are bringing bicycling back to the ATL. In the late 19th century there were more bike shops on Peachtree Road than banks. Bike races at the velodrome were bigger than baseball with the Atlanta Crackers, and ladies and gents rode their bicycles out to picnics and parties.

Today the bicycle is becoming a declaration of a connected lifestyle. With the cohesive structure of the Beltline, the neighborhoods from Piedmont Park to the Old Forth Ward have magically become a community. The same path that acted as a dividing line is bringing neighborhoods together in unexpected ways.

The hassles of busy streets have been replaced by the attraction of pedestrian paths. Many commuters have adopted the Beltline as a great way to speed their trip to office towers in midtown, creating lots of bikes on the trail and fewer cars on the road.

Rolling through a neighborhood slowly on a bike gives the rider a sense of connection. The sights, sounds and smells draw people together and the ease of stopping for a chat creates bonds with neighbors.

ABBS further enhances the Beltline story of renewal, providing the purest expression of re-cycling with an urban vibe. Customers can choose from a wide selection of refurbished bicycles for a day rental or a life long adventure.

Housed in a WW2 era Quonset hut next to the Beltline, the shop also offers bike repairs and serves as a venue for parties and weddings. Should the newly joined couple want to make their departure on a bicycle built for two, ABBS has those too.

Other ways ABBS is fostering the emergence of a connected community is through bicycle education. These classes are designed to give cyclists of all levels the confidence and skills needed to operate their 2 wheel vehicles. Certified instructors make these informative classes safe and fun.

 ABBS can be found online here, or on the Line at 151 Sampson Street NE, Atlanta, GA 30312.

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Michael Sheehan is a Licensed Public Adjuster with over 30 years of real world construction experience. When he's not on the clock he's probably on his bicycle enjoying the sights and sounds of Atlanta's rich urban tapestry.

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