About Mike Sheehan

Michael Sheehan is a Licensed Public Adjuster with over 30 years of real world construction experience. When he's not on the clock he's probably on his bicycle enjoying the sights and sounds of Atlanta's rich urban tapestry.

Household Hazards Don’t Take a Holiday…So CYA

CYA – Means? “You did what? Backed the car into the garage, AGAIN?!”  Joan groaned as she sunk into disbelief. “Things happened….” as Cal launched into a story involving dogs, kids and a cell phone. Does this sound familiar to you?  Like Joan and Cal, do you have unattended repairs at your home that have become family lore or patina?  Have those repairs become too expensive or too bothersome?  We help you find the money to repair property from all kinds of accidents. CYA means CALL YOUR … [Read more...]

Atlanta BeltLine Bicycle Shop

Location, location, location – we’ve all heard that joke and Atlanta Beltline Bicycle Shop (ABBS) is LOL. Every day the Eastside Trail of the Beltline is heavily used by active urbanites. Some of these urban travelers are bringing bicycling back to the ATL. In the late 19th century there were more bike shops on Peachtree Road than banks. Bike races at the velodrome were bigger than baseball with the Atlanta Crackers, and ladies and gents rode their bicycles out to picnics and parties. Today … [Read more...]