Household Hazards Don’t Take a Holiday…So CYA


CYA – Means?

“You did what? Backed the car into the garage, AGAIN?!”  Joan groaned as she sunk into disbelief.

“Things happened….” as Cal launched into a story involving dogs, kids and a cell phone.

Does this sound familiar to you?  Like Joan and Cal, do you have unattended repairs at your home that have become family lore or patina?  Have those repairs become too expensive or too bothersome?  We help you find the money to repair property from all kinds of accidents.


As Consumer Advocates, we decode your insurance policy and educate you about the way your home is protected.  With decades of experience, we know the ins and outs of fixing problems from pesky to catastrophic.

These enlightening inspections are always free.

The light brightened in one client’s eyes as we reviewed her policy.  She dashed into the living room and peeled away the throw rug.  “I never imagined I could afford to fix this burn mark.”

We get paid when you get paid.

Andre was happy with his big settlement check, until he starting getting bigger contractors quotes.  While on a business trip Andre’s basement filled with water from a broken pipe.

“Did they include all the damage inside and outside the walls and floors?” we asked.

Andre’s blank stare told us he didn’t have a clue.  My team swung into action.  Andre got paid for the hidden damages.  He was pleased and impressed that we were able to negotiate a settlement that included everything.

You don’t know, what you don’t know.

We are here to help you before and after you have property damage.  Our unique combination of education and advocacy empowers our clients to care for their most valuable asset, their home.  Keep the family lore and patina on the antiques, and call for your free consultation.

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Michael Sheehan is a Licensed Public Adjuster with over 30 years of real world construction experience. When he's not on the clock he's probably on his bicycle enjoying the sights and sounds of Atlanta's rich urban tapestry.

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