Restaurants in the BeltLine Corridor

Some of Atlanta's best restaurants can be found in the BeltLine corridor; enough to expand your own belt line if you're not careful. Good thing there are long stretches of path to walk it off if you overindulge a bit. How about a progressive dinner up and down the Eastside Trail? You can burn some calories and work up a thirst in between stops.

Ponce City Market features the spectacular Food Hall which can be accessed directly from the Eastside Trail by hungry and thirsty pedestrians and cyclists. Down the Line an easy stroll south you'll find Krog Street Market, a 12,000 square foot west coast-style market and cluster of restaurants and watering holes in Inman Park.

This is where you'll find the 411 on the best of the BeltLine when it comes to eatin' and drinkin'. We'll keep you informed of specials and discounts, too.

BeltLandia Weekender: July 8th – 10th, 2016

TGIF and TGFSW (Thank goodness for short weeks)! The desk chair was not as comfortable as the beach chair but the short week made it a *little* more tolerable. This weekend’s forecast is hot with a chance of more hot so luckily this weekend’s events feature indoor venues and a pool party. Stay cool my friends! Otherwise, it's a fairly light weekender, perhaps so we can all catch our breath and prepare for more fun. For example, many are aware that BeltLandia has been blessed with a shiny … [Read more...]

Putting the Market in Ponce City Market

Tuesdays just got more exciting, y’all! May 3rd heralded the opening of the new Ponce City Farmers' Market held under “The Shed” right on the BeltLine. I went a little later in the evening and it had definitely drawn a crowd. I try to do a once-over with all booths at farmers’ markets when I first get there to see what everyone has available and to get more bang for my buck. I usually just bring a fresh Jackson (or Tubman, if you’re from the future) with me and I like to stretch it, but I also … [Read more...]

Pourovers with a Punch at Condesa Coffee

My sister and I have been meeting for weekly constitutionals on the BeltLine lately and we stopped at Condesa Coffee on our most recent excursion. Since she lives in the suburbs and is hoping to attend Tech in the next couple of years, she is keen to find study-worthy coffee shops for when she finally takes the big step towards an engineering degree. We started on the Eastside trail and made our way via the Freedom Parkway trail to Condesa. It took a little longer than expected since we got a … [Read more...]

Dancing with the Goats at Ponce City Market

I’m always jonesing for a good cup of coffee and one of my favorite places is Dancing Goats Coffee Bar, which just so happens to be right on the BeltLine! I used to love going to their Decatur location, but it was a little too out of the way for frequent visits (traffic, of course, being the deciding factor), so I was delighted when they opened their Old Fourth Ward location a few years ago. Dancing Goats was one the first businesses to open up at Ponce City Market. Over the past couple years … [Read more...]

Tacos From the Future!

Just down Edgewood Avenue from the Beltline lies a small bar named Joystick Gamebar (427 Edgewood Ave.). They specialize in retro arcade games, great drinks, and science-defying feats of time travel. Joystick used the latter to bring Bad Dog tacos and burritos to the area. In early 2015, Bad Dog Taqueria (currently in the Emory Village) will be opening their second location at the corner of Edgewood Avenue and Boulevard. But now there is no need for the Old Fourth Ward to wait until then to … [Read more...]

Ponce City Market Inches Toward Big Reveal

By now, the re-purposing of the "Old Sears Building"/"City Hall East" as Ponce City Market is practically synonymous with the BeltLine itself. Sitting about halfway along the East Side Trail at Ponce de Leon Ave., the largest building redevelopment in the city promises to be something of a dream come true: retail and restaurants, a food market, office space, residential units and plenty of room to park your bike. So when do we get to see it?? As with most development opening dates, Ponce City … [Read more...]

BeltLine’s Best Restaurants: TWO Urban Licks

TWO Urban Licks is one of America's best outdoor restaurants according toTravel + Leisure. The accolade is earned from a patio that opens up to the BeltLine Eastside Trail, bocce ball courts, an herb & vegetable garden, and killer skyline views of downtown Atlanta. Inside is quite dramatic, too. The dining room's central feature is a high energy kitchen with a floor-to-ceiling rotisserie and open wood-fire pit where the meats and fishes are grilled to perfection. A few of the more … [Read more...]

Saturday Morning on the Eastside Trail

That's Sugar pictured above. She loves to walk...and meet people….and eat. So do I!  That’s why we spend our Saturday mornings on the BeltLine Eastside Trail.. We start our morning routine on Auburn Avenue in the King Historic District in The Old Fourth Ward which is just a couple of blocks west of the BeltLine. We stroll past Lotta Frutta offering a nod and a “Good morning” to the folks sitting outside enjoying their Latin American fruit cups, smoothies, and breakfast fare. Then we cross over … [Read more...]

Smart and Fancy Living at LEED Certified Oakland Park

Just south of one of Atlanta's most unique and cherished green spaces and a couple blocks west of the BeltLine Eastside Trail southern extension sits Oakland Park Condominiums -- the first in Atlanta to garner LEED certification. Oakland Park help set the standard early for what smart growth should look like for the BeltLine corridor. The mixed use complex currently has four condominiums on the market in 1 bedroom/1bath and 2 bedroom/2 bath floor plans. Prices range from $148K - $240K with … [Read more...]

MetroFresh: a Home Grown Restaurant Success

Located in the Midtown Promenade on the corner of Monroe and Virginia and just steps away from the Beltline is MetroFresh, one of the corridor’s most unique restaurants. MetroFresh was founded in the fall of 2005 with the notion that fresh, healthy, creative food is not out of reach for the casual diner. MetroFresh is “Fresh Food, Fast,” specializing in prepared gourmet soups, salads, side dishes, sandwiches, dinner entrees and light healthy breakfast.  They use the freshest in-season … [Read more...]